Words are Power

This past weekend, there was power in a picture. Last night, your words were power. We are the collective voices to make the change. Thanks to all who participated in the Twitter dialogue around the documentary via #sororityview and @CofS_Foundation. Here is a sampling for those not on Twitter:
Half the Sky Mvmt ‏@Half Extra big shoutout to #sororityview! Sororities around the country are having viewing parties of #HalftheSky! cc: @CofS_Foundation
Shira Hope Tober ‏@shtober RT @corinwallace: “It is a moral failure that 200 million girls woke up this morning…and didn’t go to school.” #TRUTH#sororityview
NPC ‏@NPCWomen If I take one day off, I may be slightly more poor. But if my children do not get educated they’ll always be poor. #sororityview #halfthesky
Pi Beta Phi ‏@PiBetaPhiHQ You educate a girl and she can change the world around her#halfthesky #sororityview
Delta Gamma ‏@deltagamma @deltagamma women all over the country will be tuning in to @halfthe sky tonight on PBS @ 9/8c! Join the conversation #sororityview
Rachel Gurley ‏@RachelGurley Our founders fought for our right to an education.It’s our turn to make change for our sisters across the world. #sororityview#halfthesky
Katie Couric ‏@katiecouric Watching PBS and Nick Kristoff’s doc and the incredible work of Samali Mam #halfthesky
Julie Kirk ‏@julieannkirk “this is a way for sorority women to really understand why we are needed to help change the world. we are the educated few.”#sororityview
Change Heroes ‏@ChangeHeroes RT @julieannkirk: “you know what lasts longer than beauty? being smart” – @itsgabrielleu #loveher #idol #HalftheSky #sororityview
Emily Styles ‏@KeepIt_Styleish I plan to look at everything i do everyday and remember that there are those who are not as fortunate who need my help #sororityview
We’ll see you back online tonight for continued conversation during the second part of the documentary and stay tuned for the call to action coming from the Foundation in the days ahead!

About Circle of Sisterhood Foundation

The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation will leverage the collective wisdom and influence of sorority women to support entities around the world that remove educational barriers for girls and women, uplifting them from poverty and oppression.
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2 Responses to Words are Power

  1. Michelle says:

    Powerful documentary. I was moved by the stories of courage and grace from around the world, and proud to watch it with thousands of NPC women. As a Personnel Advisor, for an NPC soroity, I am honored and have renewed energy to help our collegians reach their goals! We are the ones, we’ve been waiting for!

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